Volunteers, keen and novice gardeners wanted in Newtown

Have you got growing skills to share or are you keen to learn?
Either way we would love to meet you and involve you in the Get-Growing project here in Newtown. We are still in our first year of development and are creating new opportunites for involvement all the time.

fennel-bulb We have a plant nursery where we are growing vegetable plug plants, as  well as ornamental, perennials, fruiting bushes, companion plants and more. We have been running Saturday market stall al this last month and are keen to try out lots more ways to reach out into our community to help build a strong local food economy and support wildlife and biodiversity


Our lead horticulture trainer Emma Maxwell is running crop trials on several varieties of potato as we try and find the most weed resistant strains that we can grow locally and we are very keen to be able to offer informed advice to local growers. We are passionate about wildlife and biodiversity and have come to realise that small scale organic cultivation has a major part to play in long term food security and in protecting our wildlife and biodiversity.


We have been working with students from the local college on their enterprise projects and this week we have to congratulation the latest crop of students for their excellent enterprise pject, which we witnessed the presentation of yesterday, in readiness for their going to Newport next to compete for a national award. there are many facets to community growing and we are trying hard to bring them all alive here on our 3 acre site on the edge of Newtown

Currently we are looking at submitting a bid to the national lottery to re-wild and re-green a large public space in Newtown.. as part of a new national scheme to explore ways to bring public spaces into playing a much bigger part in protesting and enhancing biodiversity and involving a much broader section of the public in interacting, valuing and understanding those spaces

Please come to our project launch and open day – Newtown, Weds, Nov. 14

Open day invitation

Open day invitation

We have only just moved in at Pen Dinas, the new Get-Growing community garden hub in Newtown. Since moving there late summer from our previous base at the Cwm Harry compost factory on the Vastre estate.

In the weeks since August we have finally been able to make a real start at our new base and the place is starting to feel like home. We have a fully consulted design in place for the 21/2 acre plot and have been busy digging up trees and taking down sheds from the old garden and moving them to the new one in readiness for building a new garden.

We have also started working with our first work experience students, Zak and Jono, who will be with us one day a week for a full school year. We have also started regular work experience days with first-year college students on a 7 week cycle.

Get-Growing is also developing an opportunity for 6 month horticulture and permaculture apprenticeships, for under 25’s, not currently employed or in education.. about which we will have more information available soon.

We still have our volunteer Wednesdays, each week, where we focus on developing the new garden as well as seasonal gardening tasks.

We have also hosted visits from a wide variety of student groups, community and other interested people.

Get-Growing has also just started working with Treown community to develop a small toddler-friendly garden on the estate there.

We are really excited about the coming year and the possibilities of working together with like minded groups and individuals.

Please do come along if you are interested in any of these kind of themes.

PS Chris is making a curry, but when it has run out, its run out.. so come early if you fancy a taste.