Hard work in the community garden


Micro allotment plots, prepared and ready for use


Tool shed, reassembled by the project apprentices


Woodchip and rubble path in the compost area


Delivery of bark shavings from local saw mill

It has been a busy week at Get-Growing as we have been flat out working to get the garden established before the spring is upon us and a new growing season starts. It has great to see so much progress in the micro allotment area, with nearly all the beds having been taken already and quite a few of them have already been dug over and prepared for the coming season.

We still have a lot of work to do, rebuilding everything we had to take down in the old garden on the Vastre estate, so it was really good to see project apprentices Keiran and Matti get the tool shed back up and re assembled.

Things tend to get damaged when left in a pile, so its a relief to see we still have all the pieces and that they still fit together.

it has come to our attention that with all these people and the comings and goings the site gets really muddy really quickly, so building paths around the place is going to be a key task before the micro allotment people and everyone else starts getting busy. So the first attempt was this rubble and woodchip path into the composting area but we wil need to do lots more.

We are very well placed here at Pen Dinas, as G T Evans sawmill is just across the road. So I tried getting a tipper truck full of their bark shavings as a path material, as it is the cheapest material they have on offer and it should be easy to work with.

It was quite exciting at the end of the day today when the truck arrived and we had to scramble to help un load. I think we have 6 cu metres of the stuff now to work with, so that should really help get the paths and access established and help give a lot more shape to the space here.

Volunteer Alex, making a garden gate

Volunteer Alex, making a garden gate

All good stuff, finally here is a pic of our longest serving volunteer Alex who has come up with a lovely design for a garden gate which will help define the Micro allotment area from the rest of the garden.

I have now had a preliminary meeting with the Theatre Hafren team, who are keen to work with us on our conference idea… and we have a suggested date in mind to work towards now this is the 21st November  a Thursday  with the possibility of an evening session on the preceding weds.. lots more about the conference to come soon!