UPDATE: Thank you everyone. We had a wonderful morning at Cultivate and we are very excited by the ideas and projects that have come out of it. We are busy writing it all up at the moment and it will be up here and freely available in the New Year.
Get stuck into your food… tell us what YOU want. 
Why let the supermarkets tell you what you’re going to eat, where it’s going to come from and how much it’s going to cost? Get involved in YOUR food, make your own decisions and help shape the food future of Newtown.
Aged 16-19? From Newtown and the surrounding area?

Then tuck in to our tasty morning of fun activities. We will have a tour of the site, check out your experiences of food in Newtown and what you think of how it’s grown and gets to your plate, imagine how it might change in the future and how we can shape Newtown’s food future. Oh and did we mention we will rustle up a delicious lunch for everyone who comes, straight from the garden!

  • Free to attend
  • 10am till 2pm on 23rd October
  • At the Cultivate community gardens next to Coleg Powys 


If you definitely want to come along then sign up below. We’ll then mail you confirmation of your place and further details for turning up on the day. If you’re not sure and you’ve got any questions then give us (Anne-Marie and Kerry) a shout at or 01686 629378 or 07813 885906. And finally if you want to come, but can’t make that day or time then let us know by filling in the form at the bottom of the page, because you never know there might be another one!

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