Autumn at Get-Growing Newtown

Its that special time of year when the leaves are turning and suddenly every bit of daylight seems precious as we prepare for winter. Our next activity will be making a start on the Treowen community garden space in Newtown and we will be there on Monday if anyone is interested in coming along to help make a start

autumn colour

Autumn colour in the garden

The picture below is of the woods on the banks of the Severn (Hafren) above Llanidloes, where went this week to dig up fruit bushes which had been kindly donated to the garden by project member Emma and her partner Dave

Forest landscape, Llanidloes, above the Severn (Hafren)

We went up to their plot with our work experience team to make use of the offer and to have a final look at their garden there.. which they were having to move on from after 10 years of growing there.

Garden work, extracting fruit bushes with our work experience team for the Get-Growing garden

This plot had been the main garden for Emma and co for the last 10 years

I was fascinated to see this old potato harvester which they had been using…. it must have originally been built to be pulled by a horse, an old Lister farm tool, made from cast iron, that after some loving restoration still worked well at the job it had been made for probably a 100 years ago…. small versatile farm tools like this are very useful for small holders and small scale growers and it really interesting to see things turn full cirlce and see these kind of appliances being valued again.

Antique potato harvester brought back to life

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