Pen Dinas, our new home

Well we have finally moved in to our new project home and base at Pen Dinas, right next to Coleg Powys/ Theatre Hafren, Newtown. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring our community growing, permaculture focus into a real community learning environment. it feels like forever that we have been taking down the old garden and moving but we have finally taken the plunge and moved ot the new site. We had out firest college group of students in tfor the day on monday and interviewd to young men who will be doing a year’s placement with us yesterday.

much of the site is heavily over grown and we are tyring to tame the wilderness as well as get started on the site dec=velopmentm, following the design we did earlier in the summer.

First cut of the top field at Pen Dinas

Here is my lovely new office.(Below) I have been self employed since I finished my coordinator role at the RISC roof garden proejct in Reading back in 2005 so it is thrilling form to have an office again that isnt a spare room at home! The bungalow at Pen Dinas had been empty a while and the college have had buildiers in who have transforemd it from a home to a work place, with 2 offices, a classroom, volunteers room and kitchen

My new desk and office at Pen Dinas. very exciting ondeed. I have been self employed for the last 10 years and living out of shoe boxes, this is luxury!

We have a lovely classroom and this is the volunteers room, resource area and where we have breaks and lunches. We will carry on with our volunteer wednesdays and we are open toanyone interested who wants to come along get invovled. There is no minimum commitment, no enrolement process, all are welcome to come alog and find out how they can fit it.

We have to submit a planning application before we can put up an permanent structures in the fields and we do hope to establish 3 polytunnels, re erect the roundhouse and establish a compost loo, tool shed and a pizza oven.. as well as another ouside cooking area, and a huge greenhouse. Hopefully we will have clearance for all of that by the new year.. so there is going to be no shortage of things to do over the coming months, as well of course of establishing our grorwing beds an getting plants in the ground for the coming season.

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