September in the garden

It is a busy time of year, with gathering in the harvest and planting crops for overwinter. The Pen Dinas site was busy with activity from staff, volunteers and a couple of visitors from our new project in North Wales ‘ Moelyci environmental and education centre’. There was at least 16 of us sitting down for a shared feast for lunch, prepared by our regular volunteers Chris and Alister using veg from our gardens. Today another new volunteer joined our team, Jack has written this weeks blog post…….

calundulaAs autumn begins the wildlife and plant growth seems abundant with a bumper crop of pumpkins and new shoots for the foreseeable winter turnover. Flower production in late bloom gives the cultivate project that added colour. The polytunnels with new seedlings prove to be a constant level of production, where tomato plants are still in late flower with a good looking amount of produce to be cropped in the upcoming months. Root vegetables such as beetroot and carrots are still in their young state.


applesMaintaining the growth with regulated watering and cutting stations gives the annual crop of vegetables and herbs a successful outlook for the sale side of things for when the colder season occurs. The sale area is stocked with a wide range of different species for sale to the general public and replanting on our community gardens. With the organic compost at a very dry state it shows that the soil is not lacking but containing the needed nutrients for a level of sustainable growth during autumn. Orchard trees are producing rosy red and vibrant green apples that set the colourful tone of the garden as a high yield year.

pumpkin harvestRipening and leaf evolution is showing an all-round success, due to well cared and persistent maintenance, evident in the different sections of garden areas during late September. Where replanting and new life lengthens the cultivate project’s success in deliverance of a wide range of different types of plant life for the forthcoming frost. Keeping the new seedlings and shoots at a maintained level of temperature is essential.