Mowers for Pen Dinas

JonoAs you all know we were broken into a little while back and all our tools were stolen, leaving us without a mower or strimmer. Thankfully a couple of weeks back we were donated 3 old, sad mowers. Our regular volunteer Jono got to work straight away. He used to attend Coleg Powys and spent his work placement with us last year, one day a week. Whilst there he learnt machinery maintenance and is now able to put those skills to good use, by the end of the day Jono had successfully renovated two of the mowers by stripping parts from the third. We then had a mowing race on our meadow, tidying it up for winter. Unfortunately Jono now has to find a job, and is spending every day at the Job centre. We would love to employ him here. We are keen to start a machinery repair drop in, putting our workshop space to good use and bringing in some income for our youth volunteers like Jono.