Llanidloes garden progression

design course survey and measuring siteAfter the initial clearing of the site during the summer by local volunteers including many school children from Llanidloes high school, as part of the Welsh baccalaureate, we held an intensive community garden course in September. During the design week we taught learners the principles of permaculture design and how to survey. We spent a day interviewing locals to discover what was needed in the town, all the ideas and surveying info were bought together to produce a concept design.

Concept design Llanidloes community food garden



Now we have a design to work on we have been busy marking out different areas, forming beds and planting.


Entrance bed. First planting in the new garden

Entrance bed. First planting in the new garden


We started with preparing and planting a herb bed at the entrance, so that everyone can see that this space is now becoming a garden.

We have a volunteer session every Monday morning from 10 am. All are welcome to join us and lend a hand or just to give moral support and see how things are developing.

Dave Ashley comes for an hour each week supporting David Brunton and here they uncovered some history buried beneath the rubble. Some beautiful slabs of slate edging what we presume to be an old path. We would love to get hold of some old pictures of the site to see the layout beneath all the tarmac and rubble. All we know is that before 1986 it had been a garden, but since then has had a lot of hard core and tarmac laid.

David Brunton



slate edging